Selected works from 2016-2021

2019 | Fiction | Vimeo
In one stereotypical street and a stereotypical dairy, she lives, works stereotypically and raises her son Honza. Despite this toil, she tries to find at least one momentary escape from everyday life.

Role - Mother

2021 | Drama | Info
The main character already apathetically takes care of her senile mother. Her own life is empty and lonely. The deserted urban scenery reflects its interior layout and the important values of home, the mother's love of sexual gratification.

Role - Aida

2016 | Fiction | Youtube
Gustav Meyrink dedicates his life to the search for ancestor for the production of ruby glass. However, the places and people behind this mystery are interwoven with dark forces, and Gustav finds that not all things are doomed to us.

Role - Woman

Milo’s Home
2017 | Fiction | Youtube
Dagmar lives with her daughter Alena. One day, a policeman rings at the apartment door, reporting on the death of her ex-husband and Alena's father. No one noticed his death. His body was already in such a state that it was impossible to determine the cause of death. Dagmar has to go to his studio for things.

Role - Dagmar (Wife)

Nina: příběh mojí ženy
2017 | Fiction | Youtube
The plot takes place in a theater environment, but it is not a theatrical drama. The story violates the unity of place, time and story. The main protagonist of the film is also placed in the role of a spectator of an unexpected partner tragedy and thus tries to cope with the catastrophic consequences that turned his life upside down.

Role - Nina

2018 | Short, Thriller | IMDB
A psychological thriller in which Karolina recounts the events that led her to therapy.

Role - Jana (Mother)

Dating Beyond Borders
2016 | Fiction | Youtube
Dating Beyond Borders focuses on highlighting the cultural differences that come into play while dating people from other countries.

Role - Czech Woman

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© 2022 Lucie Zachovalová. All rights reserved.